Move Bloglovin' Followers

When your site URL changes, you need to move your Bloglovin' followers. First you need to meet one of two conditions:

  • Your old blog must be redirecting to your new blog, OR
  • You must make a post on your old blog stating that you've moved to a new URL (and list that URL)

Basically you need to prove to Bloglovin' that you own both sites. This can be done by having the old one redirect, or by making a post on the old one stating where you're moving to.

When you're ready, go to Bloglovin's help page, scroll to the very very bottom, and click Contact Support. Click that to bring up the contact form, then fill in your details and in the message simply say something like:

I changed my blog URL from to and I need to move my subscribers.

Bloglovin' will get back to you in a few days and move your subscribers for you.

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