Server maintenance completed!

Our server maintenance has been completed successfully. All systems go! :)

13th Jun 2019
Scheduled downtime postponed until Thursday, 13 June 2019

Our downtime was originally scheduled today but it has now been postponed until Thursday, 13 July 2019, between 9am and 12pm GMT. Once again, we do not expect the server to be down for the entire period, but please allow for the three hours just in case.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

10th Jun 2019
Scheduled downtime - 10 June 2019

We will be performing server maintenance between 9am and 12pm GMT on June 10th, 2019 and some downtime is likely. We do not expect the server to be down for the entire period, but please allow for the three hours just in case.

9th Jun 2019
WordPress updated to version 5.1

Your WordPress site has been updated to version 5.1. This adds the new Gutenberg editor. If you wish to use the new editor you will need to deactivate the "Classic Editor" plugin in your Plugins menu.

5th Mar 2019
Support will be unavailable from April 19th - 26th

Since starting this hosting service in 2014 I have never taken a "full" vacation. I have gone on holidays, but I've always brought my laptop, prepared to answer any support tickets while I was away. For the first time ever, I'm scheduling a time where I won't be taking my laptop and will not be answering any support tickets while I'm away. I ... Read More »

12th Feb 2019
40 minute downtime at 5am GMT +1

We had a 40 minute outage early this morning at 4am UTC. This was due to a minor issue with our provider. In their words: "The network department had to reboot a switch because of a failed update, and the switch did not come back up. They rebooted it a second time and the service was restored." We apologize for any inconvenience! If you ... Read More »

16th Jul 2016
[RESOLVED] Known issue with staying logged in to WordPress

Update: This has been resolved.There's currently a minor problem with staying logged into WordPress sites. If you check "remember me" when you login then come back later (like after closing the browser window), you will still be logged into the admin area but not on the front-facing part of your site. There are two ways around this: Don't check ... Read More »

20th May 2016
Support will be limited from May 10th through the 7th

I'll be travelling to and attending BookExpo America during these dates so support will be limited or delayed. I will still respond to support tickets while I'm away, but it may take longer for you to hear back.

I will be fully prepared to handle any emergencies if they arise, though of course that's not expected. :)

4th May 2016
Support will be limited from September 7th through the 11th

I'll be out of town (in Paris!) from September 7th until the 11th, so support will be limited during this time. I will have internet access and will make every effort to respond to every ticket I can, but if any require greater server access then they may have to wait until I return.In the event of an emergency, I do have steps in place to ensure ... Read More »

5th Sept 2015
Notice: Support will be limited from May 25th to June 3rd

I'm attending the BookExpo America conference and will be out of town from May 25th until June 3rd. I will have internet access in the event of an emergency, and my husband will be home and available to look into any emergency problems. If anything urgent happens, we will be there to take care of you! :)Just be mindful that any non-urgent support ... Read More »

16th May 2015